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About MOLPoints

What is MOLPoints?
MOLPoints is a virtual currency that is popular among online users in Asia. Now, you can use your cash to buy MOLPoints virtual currency and then, use it for your online transactions.

Why do I need virtual currency?)
You can use virtual currency like MOLPoints to purchase a variety of online content and services, including online game credits on social network sites (such as Facebook and Friendster) and popular online gift cards (such as iTunes).

What can I do on MOL Mobile site?
You can do several things on MOL Mobile site, namely check your MOLPoints account balance, buy Facebook Game Cards, buy MMO games credits and reload (top-up) your MOLPoints.

Why should I use MOLPoints?
MOLPoints is designed to provide greater convenience for digital gaming and online shopping experience. We are constantly adding games, products and services into MOLPoints catalogue and at the same time, expanding our global network of physical, online and mobile payment channels.

Is it more cost-effective to use MOLPoints over other payment methods?
While other physical payment methods tend to put a charge for processing your payment transaction, MOL generally does not and thus the cost of your digital goods and services are more cost-effective.

Is it safe to use MOLPoints?)
All transactions on MOLPoints network are secured by MOL's encrypted payment gateway. Our industrial-strength security technology helps to ensure transactional integrity and security resiliency, at all time.

What can I purchase with MOLPoints?)
You can purchase Facebook Game Cards, MMO games and social games using MOLPoints. In addition, you can use MOLPoints to purchase products, services and prepaid reloads. We constantly expand and extend our MOLPoints catalogue with latest games and merchandises.

Where can I sign-up for a MOL Account?
To sign-up for a MOL account, click here.

How can I report a problem?
You can email our customer support at helpdesk@mol.com. For telephone support, click here for details